Our Bookkeeping services are called "Accounting Essentials".  We include two different plans for you to chose from.  The first is Accounting Essentials "Economy Plan" and the second is the Accounting Essentials "Executive Plan".  Please take a look below to learn what is specifically included with each plan, the bonus features that are included and what you can expect after you submit your request to Get Started or Need More Info.

Accounting Essentials Economy Plan

 Every day, we download and post to the current expense accounts your bank and credit card transactions* into
our unique accounting software – so your results of business operations are updated continuously.

 We balance all your checking and credit card statements to your accounting running balances


 We review the general ledger record and make the necessary journal entries to update your cash-basis record
of disbursements for vehicle and asset purchases, loan payments and whatever else is necessary.

 Easy to view (and print) results of business operations are available from any device, at any time.

 A complete document file storage, file sharing/transfer system. Keep all your important
documents in one place, and send and receive files to and from anyone.
       *most bank accounts connect to our unique accounting system. For banks that do not connect automatically, your
          accounting update is still completed at least weekly

What is it specifically that I get?

o On an ongoing basis, we will record ALL general ledger transactions for your company into a company
accounting file. This includes checks, deposits and related transactions affecting the checking accounts.


o We will record business credit card charges and any business savings account transactions.


o We will also record general journal entries monthly from journals (such as accounts receivable, accounts
payable, and inventory) you keep


o We will match the banks’ balances with the accounting record balance


o We will match the credit cards’ balances with the accounting record balance


o Unlimited document file storage


And what bonuses do I get?


o We will set up a Bill-Pay system through your own bank for you and provide training.


o We provide elite client services through “Chat” and email – and we’ll call you too if you tell us to


o Upon starting, we can go back and get bank transactions for you for an entire year, and sometimes 18
months or more.

What can I expect after ordering?

o A Profit Consultant (or assistant) will immediately call you or your contact person to gain access to
information to start right away. Because the security of your information is important to us, please make
yourself available for a very short telephone call to discuss security measures. You may also pass the
call to your assistant.

o After one call consisting of securely connecting your banks and credit cards, we immediately start
processing your financial information.


o The results of our work are available immediately, with refinement of categorizations over the coming

Accounting Essentials Executive Plan

 We’ll issue to you the standard monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet, and send it to you through our
secure File Sharing system

 We’ll tell you what your income and expense reports mean and how you can use the information to help keep
your business operating at its peak (or to get it there)


o You can stop problems earlier and build on positive opportunities quicker by knowing what your business
financial information is telling you. You’ll have several time slots to choose from each month to attend as
many webinar consulting sessions as you wish, And you’ll receive a private one hour meeting quarterly
with your Records In Order Profit Consultant.


 From your updated income and expense reports, and based on your current personal situation, we will update
you on your present tax position.


o We believe you should always know your tax position, and that you should always be planning to pay
your legal minimum in federal and state taxes. Because taxes can literally take 22% to 42% or more of
most business owner’s profits, a constant, ongoing, vigilant effort is a must. We include a November-
December complete Tax Status Review with a Year-End Tax Moves report. Use this tool to help you
keep more of what you make.

 We will keep your personal and business tax strategies updated for tax law changes, and for changes in your
personal circumstances

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