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Why Choose Records in Order?

It's Simple & Easy

Our experts do the accounting every day for you, reconciling your books and transactions daily. You simply log in and access the pertinent information and reports as needed.


Next Level Expertise

Many firms specialize in just accounting, taxes, or financial planning.  Our licensed professionals are profit consultants and help you with all your business accounting needs.


Save Time & Stay Organized

Everyday we download and post your bank and credit card transactions to their respective categories, and provide updated data for you, keeping you organized and saving you valuable time.


It's Affordable

Our pricing is more than reasonable for all business owners and business types.  We cost less than widely known software & app companies only who require you to do the work yourselves or hire a 3rd party.


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“I have been a client of Records In Order and Scott Turner CPA for over 7 years. During that time I have found Scott to be very efficient and adept at keeping my taxes low and completing the tax forms quickly. I plan on continuing with his services both personally and for my corporation.” 


—  Harvey Markovitz, DC