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House passes the bill AND Loan relief for SBA loans, student loans, personal mortgages, HPOG

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The House of Representatives just passed the Stimulus Bill a few minutes ago in the early afternoon in Washington D.C.

We’ve already covered a great deal of it.

Here’s some more information about how your debt will get forbearance:

  • Most student loans will be suspended through September 30, including interest charges.

  • The SBA will cover interest and principal payments for six months for existing SBA-backed business loans.

  • HPOG funding for health professionals will continue through November 30. It is unknown if they will expand the nature of what they will fund.

Click here for more details:

Thanks to Advanced Health and Wellness for the above information.

Gov. Newsom announced that over 200 banks, including 4 of the 5 major California banks have agreed to suspend loan payments for 90 days (only B of a limited this suspension to 30 days). It is expected that other financial institutions will follow. Contact your mortgage holder for more information.

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