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Records In Order offices of Scott Turner 100% operational

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We are 100% able to continue to provide services to each and every client, and we are available through all our regular channels to assist you.

We are working diligently via Remote Access to computers in our office and will continue to do so to meet your needs.

If you wish to EXPEDITE or if you prefer to DELAY tax preparation, or discontinue any service, please email or contact Scott.


We will continue to process payroll timely – be sure to send that to If you have changes or stoppage, be sure to inform us.


For ongoing accounting clients, your income and expense transactions still need to be compiled, categorized, and organized – we will continue to do that. We do realize that there may be less transactions during ‘shelter in place’ times, and I take that under consideration.

Tax Returns:

2019 tax returns still need to be prepared. The Federal extension of time to file does not affect you or us in that regard – inasmuch as we all already had a 6 month extension allowed. We will continue to process Business and Individual tax returns in the order received – UNLESS you inform us not to. Keep in mind that for business owners that the business return must be prepared before your individual tax return.


As always, I am available regarding any business matter, but specifically with regard to COVID 19. We will continue to send out information as it is available. I have received valuable input from clients – please keep that coming as it helps me focus on things that are important to you or specific to your business, and helps me with information that can help others. Thank you for that.

Stay the Course:

Though this ‘shelter in place’ period, or a quarantine, is difficult and can be stressful for many, let’s stay the course and keep plugging. As I indicated in one of my videos, I challenge you to use this time wisely, to contemplate how you can improve business, how you can improve or add services, how you can be more efficient, how you can improve the work environment – to take new knowledge, examine yourself and your business and how you might “re-invent”. Meanwhile, I will do all I can from this end, and am open to your input and suggestions as well.

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