See What Some of our Clients have to Say About Our CPAs and how these customers have improved their businesses with our tax and accounting services.

 "I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your excellent services that you provided me with for my tax strategies. I am extremely pleased with the savings you provided me with that other tax consultants have failed to do so in the past 13 years of my business history.

I was not only provided with excellent services from yourself, but also your entire staff.

I will, and already have, referred you and your staff to other business associates.

I truly look forward to working with you in all the years to come!

- Gina Miller, Monterey Bay Fasteners, Multi-Flex Circuits USA



"I have been a client of Records In Order and Scott Turner CPA for over 7 years. During that time I have found Scott to be very efficient and adept at keeping my taxes low and completing the tax forms quickly. I plan on continuing with his services both personally and for my corporation.


- Harvey Markovitz DC



"To whom it may concern:

Records In Order Profit Consultants are excellent at tax, finance, payroll and financial statements. They are timely and efficient and consistent.

I highly recommend they become your CPA.

You are welcome to call with questions.


- Petra Eggert

"My Records In Order Profit Consultant is always knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly up on new tax laws.

He is a good communicator and makes a strong effort to get back to us in a timely fashion. The bottom line is he has saved us money! If you are not a client, it may be time to reconsider!

- Anthony Chiropractic


This is unique and powerful information that I didn’t get from my CPA or anywhere else."

- Luis Arrondo, Doctor of Chiropractic in San Mateo, CA

"I have saved and kept thousands and thousands of dollars in taxes that I never saved before. This incredible program has been invaluable to my business."

- Dr. Mark Kimes, Business Owner & Seminar Provider

"Thank you for accepting me as a client. At the time that I called you I was in a pretty desperate situation. I had only 7 days to file my tax returns (after the automatic extension) for 2007. I was unsatisfied with my previous accountant who hadn't even contacted me to get my information into them (and they still haven't contacted me).

Regardless, I was looking around to decide who I could use, who understood my profession, and who had the knowledge to help my business grow. Then I remembered that I had spoken with Scott about a year earlier at a professional seminar. I immediately called him and he was able to accept me as a client.

Not only did Scott get my taxes done in time for filing — a small miracle in and of itself — but also, I was shocked to learn that he had found a thousands of dollars in deductions that hadn't been taken in previous years. Wow! Money back from the IRS for past years tax filings, all 100% legal deductions that my previous accountant had missed or hadn't asked me enough information so that I could provide him the details.

Perhaps more important than all, was the peace of mind that I had that allowed me to sleep through the night, knowing that my taxes and business finances were in good hands.

Thanks for all your help!


- Ryan Stilson DC

"I get constant reminders, constant updates, and tax strategies to take care of my finances."

- Dr. Loy

"What I was looking for when I was introduced to Records in Order was someone to take away all the paper work, all the receipts, and all the record keeping that I had to do... Now it's all done for me, I really have to do very little, and anything I have to do is pretty much done over the internet."

- Dr. James King

"Hi Scott!

I just signed a bunch of documents my Records In Order Profit Consultant prepared for me, and I wanted to express my gratitude. I know the chaos I have presented you with, and the arduous nature of pulling it all together in some semblance of meaning, and I am in your debt. And not just in the literal, financial sense, but also in the emotional and existential sense as well. I feel as though perhaps the nightmare of the last five years of my life may finally be turning around. And with my mother's tireless assistance, and your expertise, I just might be able to begin anew. Thank you for that possibility.

With warmth,

- Stone Beck, DC


"Records In Order Profit Consultants has the same passion for accounting that I have for my work as a chiropractor. I sleep better at night knowing I am saving more money and that my taxes are done RIGHT. Just as people trust me with the care of their spine and nervous system, I trust Scott to make sure (legally & ethically) that I don't pay even one penny more than my obligation to the government. Use his services and you'll sleep better too!"

- Dr. Scott M. Sawyer, DC