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Tax Advisors & Consultants in Santa Rosa, California

Tax Planning | S Corporation / C Corporation | Payroll Processing

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Records In Order exists to provide the community with uncompromising service in tax and accounting, and related services. We work with Small Business owners to increase profitability by providing the highest possible quality service leveraging our experience and expertise in meeting the individual needs of each client and while upholding high standards, inspiring confidence, and respecting all clients…


We work with people just like you in business for themselves, from several types of independent service professionals, just about any type of business you could mention under $3 million in annual receipts — who are all really good at what they do, but had never before been fully and correctly advised about how to set up their financial and tax systems so they are ALWAYS up to date with accurate accounting, and their best tax position

Inside Business Help


Records In Order lets you worry less about your expenses and focus more on what truly matters to you. We have been providing business in the San Francisco area and nationwide with the best accounting and tax advice since 2000. Our certified financial training and years of experience leaves no issue too complicated for us to handle.

We understand that accounting matters can be complex, and we are here to make them as easy to manage as possible. We specialize in a wide range of tax and accounting areas and are ready to tackle any issues — past, present, or future — that you may have. Contact us to see how you can benefit from our outstanding services.

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We have worked with thousands of clients in a wide scope of businesses and industries. Most likely we have worked with business owners in your field. Yet, we would share with you that if we haven’t, you are not at a disadvantage.


Here’s why: people in business tend to make the same mistakes no matter what kind of business. They are lacking even many of the most basic tax strategies in addition to missing out on updated court cases, rulings and clarifications -- no matter what type of business they are in.

The beauty of a corporate/LLC tax structure is that the smallest guy (who operates out of a small business corporation) can also have many of the advantages that the larger national corporations get. It’s about recognizing that and how to apply it to the smaller company.

What our clients find exceedingly helpful is that we bring a fresh perspective to the tax strategy process; one that is detailed and exact in how it applies to you and your business. And we use updated technology to assure accuracy, to record events and operations timely, and to disseminate information quickly.


We don’t just keep your tax and financial records in order, we help you improve your business profit along the way.

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