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Who you are

  • Just got into business, or about to, or just about to buy or expand a business

  • I’m doing well enough to take money home, or I clearly see that I could start to do so within the next 12 months

As a Start-up, you’re an entrepreneur who is either about to go into a going-concern business, or to buy one or expand, but you are or will be doing it full-time. It could be you’ve been in business full-time for a while, and you’re doing okay. But you know on the financial and tax side of the business that you’ve got to get it together.

What your concerns tend to be

You’re creating a successful business but the unknown about tax and financial matters could be an issue for you, one that could be creating some stress in your life. Sometimes, or often, you work long hours to build your business, and you don’t want a tax or financial error to cause you alarm or bring down your business.

You may be frustrated that the best advice in this area is expensive or too hard to find. That’s because you’re still trying to figure out what’s going to work to get you the advice and services your business needs at a reasonable rate – and with someone you can really rely on and who will be on your team.

What you need most right now


One primary focus needs to be on deciding on a tax entity (before you go into business if possible -- or if you’re already in business, as soon as possible!) – or restructuring your current tax entity -- by considering your own personal taxes in combination with business tax incentives, so that you can gain full advantage of the tax laws that benefit you – which could create more cash flow for you by saving taxes currently or recouping taxes from previous years.

You need a simple, inexpensive, method for recording your income and expenses without using up your valuable time. You want that paperwork and concern off your desk, off your plate, and out of your mind so you can focus on other priorities.

You need a tax advisor who is available, reliable, and on the beam about financial and tax issues. You want your tax and financial matters to be done right, to be legal, but with your best tax position as a priority – and done for you.


The Records In Order items you’ll need most to get started right are:

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