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Alleviating Stress

Who you are

  • The high-income entrepreneur wanting to keep all you can through advanced strategies.

  • Making upwards of $150K-$250K or much more in your own business.

  • You want to save time, save money, but not lose ground.


You’re a successful entrepreneur who enjoys running your business and you make a very nice living, and you’re wondering, “How can I keep more?”


You’re super driven and you’re creating a legacy business that has a life beyond yourself, increasing its positive impact on the world. You may want to extend your arm philanthropically, or you may just want to improve your “doing-good” by driving greater profits to provide more business opportunity for others.


You hear of others getting better advice or receiving some size-able tax benefit that helps them out. You know there’s more and that you deserve to get it.

What your issues tend to be


Even though you’re running your business successfully, the business still has some disparate pieces put together over the years, not yet fully functioning at 100% of its capability like a well-oiled machine.

You might wonder just how many tax dollars you leave on the table because your tax advisor is just not strategizing enough for your best tax position.


You know that having financial information readily available is important, that better business decisions are made with more accurate information and input, and that a CPA Profit Consultant on your team would help you understand how to best use it to improve your operations, and save taxes, but it’s just not happening right now to the level you want or deserve.


What you need most right now


First and foremost, you need a profit consultant to be there when you need information or input; you need the most current tax strategies according to recent court cases, IRS rulings, and the newest legislation. You need someone you can rely on to get you the answers you need as you launch your business onward – without you always having to prod for them.


You need someone who knows your business; a CPA Profit Consultant who can interpret your financial information for your best use, when you need it, and on time.


Launch onward with:

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