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Saving You Money

Who you are

  • Established business owner, you’ve created a “job” for yourself and want freedom.

  • Making between $50,000-$175,000 profit in your business.


You make good money and you have a strong base of clients/patients – so much so, that sometimes you or your employees might struggle to keep up with the demand.


You’re an overachiever, and you deal with a full schedule and you’d probably like to have more time.


Sometimes it could seem you’re running yourself ragged, or that you or employees could be more efficient – or that there should be a better way to move forward more effectively.


What your issues tend to be

Although business is good and you’re making good money, you may be working a lot, or there are some things that need to be shored up, especially with the financial and tax records. Your stress level could be high at times, you don’t know how much tax you will owe or not, or it’s becoming important to you to improve your record-keeping and to know your tax status regularly, but you just don’t have the time to do it yourself or to make sure your employees do it right.


What you need most right now

It’s time to reduce the paperwork and any overwhelm, and increase your level of personal satisfaction by creating leverage in your business — leverage on how you use your time to manage the tax and financial aspects of your business.


It’s about freeing-up your personal productivity and beginning to work smarter, not harder – by using a profit consultant who is on your team – a team-minded CPA who is proactive in getting the job done, and is there whenever needed.


It’s time for you to get financial record keeping done for you, consistently and on time, and to solidify a more favorable tax position – at a reasonable cost – and in a way that gives you confidence that you are in your best situation.


Then, you’ll have more time, more relief, resulting in your ability to create more passive and leveraged income so you can serve more people, or do more with family, while increasing your time available.


We Suggest You Move Forward With:

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