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2020 Business Tax Preparation

We hope your 2021 year is starting off well. We certainly hope for an improvement over 2020.

It is once again time to think about sending us ALL needed information for your 2020 business tax preparation.

I will prepare your tax returns by examining every possible deduction, utilizing every detail, to assure your best possible tax results, both corporate and individually.

I’ll need the following from you to prepare your corporate/LLC tax returns [See Due Dates and Deadlines further below:


Item 1:

  • Make an electronic copy of your accounting record [unless we do your accounting for you], or provide us online access to your Xero, FreshBooks, or QBO.

  • For QuickBooks Desktop, this is an Accountants Copy (QBA) [In QB, click File, then Accountant’s Copy] or a portable file [Click File, then Create Copy].

  • A portable file will pass through email. We suggest you password protect it, and provide that PW to us. The Accountant’s Copy goes through the QB system and arrives via email securely. You’ll need to give us a transfer code as well as the user name and password to open the QB.

  • If we don’t do your accounting, and you are not using QuickBooks, provide us your summaries, or other form of financial information.

Item 2:

  • Find your year-end payroll management report that shows amounts paid to all employees and the related payroll taxes. If you cannot locate that report, then all the W-2s and the final State reports. As an alternative, you could give us your login credentials to your online payroll reports, if available. For some of you, we have login info from prior years.

Item 3 (if any):

  • If during the past year, you purchased a vehicle or any asset, provide the contract, the monthly payment amount, the first payment due date, and the total # of payments -- or the cash purchase price of each item.

Place the above items 2-3 (those that apply) into my Transfer Folder “Transfer Files to Accounting (Scott Turners) Office” in my File Sharing System.

{Note: My system is secure beyond the current requirements of the FTC and IRS. Under the Safeguards Rule, I am required to use such a system to transfer sensitive information to and from clients}

You can log into my proprietary software File Sharing System at:

Your user name is your email, and your password is the original password you were given, unless you changed it.

If we don’t do your accounting monthly, and you are not using QuickBooks, provide us your summaries.

We’ll confirm receipt, and take it from there and get back to you for more details when necessary.

Due Dates and Deadlines – Business Returns:

The corporate/LLC tax return original due date is March 15, 2021 (You may go on extension (to 9/15/2021) but we are pleased to complete your corporate/LLC return by 3/15/2021, if you submit your final information early [by 2/15/2021]. You may still request that we file for you an extension of your business return in order to extend the due date of employer pension or SEP-IRA contributions to 9/15/2021.

Due Dates and Deadlines – Individual Returns:

Your business tax returns must be finalized before your individual tax return can be completed, and it is more efficient to start preparing the individual return after the business tax return is done. For those who wish to file before or by 4/15/2021, we are pleased to provide that service, but you must get your final individual information in to us by 3/15/2021.

Fee Payment and Deposit Requirement:

A deposit against tax preparation fees is due by February 1. My assistant will send you the amount due in a separate email. The balance of tax preparation fee is due upon presentation of the invoice, and past due after 15 days.

I will first allocate a portion of the deposit to your actual 2020 business tax preparation fee.

The final part of your deposit will be allocated against your 2020 individual tax prep fee.

Request your own individual tax organizer for the 2020 year, by responding to this email. Because your SSN is blocked out, we will email you the individual Tax Organizer (upon request), unless you advise us to send it via my secure File Sharing, or mail a paper copy.

(there is no corporate/LLC tax organizer form)

I look forward to continuing with your best possible tax results for the past/current year, and beyond.

I appreciate your business, and am pleased to serve you.

As always, please contact me directly if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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