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Annual Corporate Compliance Reminder

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A corporation is required to record at least annual minutes of Board meetings.


(LLCs are NOT required to keep annual minutes even if the entity is taxed as a corporation) 

We have noted that some corporate clients are not keeping records that are required to be a compliant corporation.

This post and the previous post will alert you to 2 basic items that must be accomplished annually.

However this post is not intended to be inclusive of all legal items that may be required for each corporation, as varying circumstances and operating procedures/requirements for your type of business may suggest other legal compliance related items that are not covered in these 2 posts.

Nonetheless, for non-tax Secretary of State requirements, most small business corporations would be in compliance by following these 2 instructions.

The second attachment may be used as a template from which you could prepare minutes for your corporation.

If you have questions about any other legal (non-tax) filings, you should consult your corporate counsel.

For questions regarding topics in this post, feel free to reply or contact me.

a Blank CORPORATE RESOLUTION with exampl
Download • 25KB

Running a Corporation - MINUTES
Download DOC • 34KB

a Minutes Annual Meeting of the Board of
Download • 31KB

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