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California Required Statement of Information

REMINDER: Your business tax return does NOT include, nor does it

replace the requirement to file a Statement of Information/Officers with the California Secretary of State.

Corporations are due annually.

Limited Liability Companies are due every other year.


This is also referred to as an SI form or filing.

This is normally and should be a simple process. However, the State has recently changed the website making the process more difficult.


Again, this filing is due once per year, and may or may not be due yet. A $25 fee is paid with the filing.

This requirement includes corporations doing business in CA whether organized in California or not.

If you wish to go directly to file the Statement of Information form whether it Is due or not, click on this link:

In the search box type in your entity name. After locating your entity, click on the underlined name.

Review your information for accuracy. Notate changes in your entity address that you need to make, if any.

Click on the 'authority' box. "File a Statement of Information" will appear. Click there.

Check the box to proceed with filing.

If there is no change in officers or directors, and no change of address needed, click on "No" under "Have any changes occurred........"

Follow the menu items to sign, submit, and pay the $25 fee.

Otherwise, if changes are needed, then click "Yes".

Follow the menu items to re-enter all your information for address, officers' names and addresses, and directors'. Three officers are required, you the shareholder can be all 3. At least one director is required, which also can be the shareholder.

Continue to follow the menu items to sign, submit, and then pay.


BUT...... to determine if the corporate or LLC Statement of Officers/Information is actually due, you must do some research.

From the provided link, click on Business Search. Enter your entity name in the search box.

After locating your entity, click on the under lined name. The previously filed SI statements will appear, indicating the last date filed.

Also, note your original registration date directly under your entity name in large print.

To determine your due date:

Click on the below link to determine your due date. For example, if your registration date is in January, then you must file between August and January, and so on based on the month of original registration. Filing before or after that may not count.

LLC due dates follow the same 6 month window as corporations.

If the original LLC registration was done in an odd year, then the SI filing is due in the odd year.

If the original LLC registration was done in an even year, then the SI filing is due in the even year.


(including LLC's taxed as corporations)

Filing is required for Limited Liability Companies doing business in California, whether organized in CA or not:

Note: LLCs file every 2 years The fee is $20.

Use the same link (below and above) to file the SI, (click on “File LLC Statement of Information” in the left hand menu section)

Or to do the Business Search to find out when you last filed (click on “Business Search” in the left hand menu section)

If you prefer, we can do this for you regularly – or just this one time if you just want to do that.

If you would like my office to handle this filing for you as it becomes due, the fee is $160 per filing, which includes the $25 annual payment to the State for corps and the $20 bi-annual fee for LLCs. If the filing is NOT yet due, we will not file at this time, and will schedule a future filing upon the due date.

[Unfortunately, we had to increase this fee due to the research required to determine if your SI filing is due or not]

If you wish for us to handle this matter this one time, or regularly in the future, simply reply to this post with clear instructions.

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