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Federal Tax Day Moved and State of WA

Today, the U.S. Treasury announced that the Federal Tax Day, the filing date for individuals, is moved to July 15. This basically has no effect and no bearing on individual tax filings. Individuals already had the 90 extension to pay 2019 tax owed without penalty or interest, and a 90 day extension on the first 2020 tax estimate, for those who pay tax estimates.

On the Federal side, we are currently awaiting what Congress calls Phase 3 of COVID 19 measures, that politicians indicate will provide relief for employers to allow them to pay employees according to Phase 2 legislation (see prior writings). Today, the President stated in his press conference that “small business is the engine of the economy”, so we are hopeful for Congress action that will assist employers.

Most states have NOT extended Tax Day yet. Individual filings are still due 4-15-20. The standard 5-7 month extension, depending on the State, is still available.

{as previously reported, California has extended 60 days for filing and payment of 2019 tax without penalty, as well as the first 2020 tax estimate}


Shared Work plans, and Partial Unemployment make work for Washington businesses. Per the ESD…..”For employers that want to keep from losing highly-trained employees, these unemployment benefits can be received through, or while covered by, Shared Work, Partial Unemployment and Standby (which allow certain workers to collect unemployment while remaining with their employers and not actively seeking other jobs).”

Paid Leave:

Washington State has a Paid Family and Medical Leave state-sponsored program, which applies to employees temporarily off work due to COVID 19.

The State has provided for several delays in the payment of tax, and filing of returns, without penalty. Generally, a business must request the extension but can do so even after the due date.

Below is the go-to page for Washington employers and workers for general information and updates:

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