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Loan Application assistance from my office

Yesterday was the first day to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program [PPP] forgivable loan based on payroll paid in earlier periods.

The instructions indicate that sole proprietors, and independent contractors who do not have employees, may also apply for the PPP loan and the SBA disaster loan.

[We have previously sent you links and information about applying for these loans]

We have now set up a system in our office for assisting business owners, and independent contractors, with the two types of disaster assistance loans (for loan details, see my prior emails) available right now, for which an application is necessary.

  • the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan [EIDL] at 3.75% re-paid over (up to) a 30 year period. Funds can be used for any use, and over whatever time frame is best for you.

  • And the forgivable PPP Loan. Funds need to be used within 8 weeks after funding, and are restricted to pay for payroll, rent and utilities.

Each loan has its information and back-up requirements; for example:


The prior payroll figure for the PPP loan requires a calculation of gross wages, voluntary retirement contributions, employer retirement contributions, health insurance stipends as well as premiums, and State payroll tax paid, and an adjustment for FICA tax withheld in the first quarter of 2020 if that time period is included. Businesses starting payroll during the past year, and seasonal businesses require a special calculation for the past payroll figure to be provided with the loan application.


To start the process, you’ll need 2019 gross receipts and cost of goods (if any) to get a preliminary application number. Thereafter, a full loan application with business and personal financial statement information is required.

If you want assistance with either of these loan applications, please ‘reply all’ to let us know, or otherwise contact .

For Assistance:

  1. Let us know specifically what information you need from us in order to file your own loan application.

  2. Or let us know if you prefer to have us handle either or both applications.

[When it comes time to sign digitally, we will hold a screen-sharing session to do so after reviewing the application with you.]

Let us know, we are available to help.

*(fees for this service are based on the time to perform, which can be affected by the complexity of your situation and your bank’s loan application process)

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