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Requests for Preparing Minutes for a Corporation's Board Meeting held

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I have received requests to prepare Board Minutes on behalf of some clients' corporations.

To do so, I would need some information from you, after you hold the Board Meeting:

  • Provide general info about items discussed in the meeting

Some examples are,

  • A change in corporate officers, or directors

  • Setting of officer and key employee salary amounts, or shareholder distributions

  • Whether to mortgage, sell, or lease real estate, and approve loans to or from the corporation

  • Purchase or lease of equipment

  • Items involving family members, self

  • Items of tax strategy

  • Approval of a previous corporate resolution by an officer

  • Inform me of any items (such as from the above list) voted upon and approved, and provide details of the decision if not included in the ‘items discussed’ from above.

  • Date of the meeting, and who was in attendance

Depending on the scope of the minutes required, a nominal fee would be charged.

If your businesses involve more than one corporation (not counting LLCs), a Board Meeting and minutes are required for each formed corporation

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