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Small Business Owners - Finding & Utilizing Your True Potential For Financial Success

Any business activity actually constantly creates new opportunities to increase cash flow and profits - but most of these are missed simply for not being noticed. But what if your CPA would FIND the cause of each uptrend and help you UTILIZE...

Using your Accountant to find the opportunities your own hard work has created

In the course of running a business, financial opportunities are constantly created. Yet, many go unnoticed and for this, don't get utilized.

It has been said that the greatest "expense" for any company is the income and profit they FAIL to make.

The savings achieved by lowering costs could be positively dwarfed by the earnings you can sometimes get from utilizing positive trends within the business.

But that requires they're found fast enough and used correctly enough.

What you already achieve is laudable. Your hard work and skillful management have provided you with the business that you currently have.

I'm definitely NOT putting it down but, instead, want to acknowledge you for it.

To keep going in better and worse economic times totally DEPENDS upon enterprising people just like you.

In today's atmosphere, it is easily forgotten how important your work is for everyone. You don't get acknowledged for it - but you know how it is.

It's perfectly all right NOT to seek more.

But, on the other hand, most business activities CAN produce more volume and profit with the resources and cash flow that they already have.

Constant financial monitoring with slight adjustments to make the most out of positive developments

All in all, improving the conditions of a business activity works much like maintaining and fine-tuning a fine engine.

Mind you, I'm not talking about HUGE CHANGES here at all.

The adjustments will generally be so small and so exactly targeted that it won't SEEM like anything would change.

Instead, it's rather like a maintenance project.

Monitoring the key figures, analyzing any expected (or unexpected) improvements to find the successful ingredient and then simply strengthen it.

The same principle applies to costs.

Keeping a vigilant eye on all the costs can only result in LOWERING costs, which, of course, is likeliest to affect your PROFIT MARGIN positively.

In other words, it is a constant routine to go over the key figures and look into each nook and cranny on monthly basis to

1. ENSURE nothing has started changing for the worse

2. FIND any new positive developments

3. FIND the cause of any positive trend

4. STRENGTHEN that successful action or thing in order to make the increased profit and / or income CONTINUE... and hopefully become PERMANENT.

In financial planning, the results come NOT from drastic actions but from constant monitoring and slight adjustments wherever and whenever needed.

Of course, YOU decide whether or not an adjustment is actually MADE.

The accountant's part is to monitor the key figures constantly to FIND where profits can be improved.

The sooner these are found, the more you can benefit.

Financial success is formed from clever routines, really, doing the right things every month.

The monitoring and analyzing of your monthly accounts are necessary to get ENOUGH of those routines and "once-overs" to fine-tune your business activity to produce profits with a forever increasing efficiency-ratio.

And... wouldn't it be good to KNOW these things on monthly basis?

Constantly monitoring the key figures isn't all that exciting - but getting the good turns reported immediately and implementing easy systems to improve your profits and volume... that IS quite inspiring.

Especially when you SEE the results of your careful financial planning!

Seeking a forever higher ability of financial planning

Have you ever had that feeling that the TRUE potential of your business activity is even greater than what you already achieve with it?

That there's something you could cash in on right now... if only you could put your finger on it?

Trust your instinct.

No matter how well you do, no matter how expert you are in financial planning, this is an area where there are NO LIMITS to how much better you can do!

Admittedly, it can be quite DIFFICULT TO SEE the opportunities in one's OWN business.

One tends to get USED to things as they are and forget to look at every single part of the activity each month from a present-time viewpoint.

Things change constantly and, with that change of times, new opportunities open up and come to be.

ANY aspect of one's own business can benefit from an outside viewpoint. People see things differently and it can be very useful to hear those opinions. This is quite often used in marketing, for example, to bring out the clients' viewpoint.

In financial planning, there's an additional reason to use an EXPERT to go over your key financial figures monthly.

Accounting is a science in its own right and monitoring monthly accounts benefits enormously from financial expertise and experience.

That experience is something you'll want to work for your benefit.

It not only saves you LOADS of time. It can also MAKE quite a bit of money.

ANY change for the better in your monthly financial key figures points to an opportunity. For instance, if customers buy more often, it means that customer satisfaction has increased.

If you look into it and find the CAUSE of it, you can STRENGTHEN that which brought on the positive increase... and get more of it.

As a rule, any business activity will be found NOT to utilize many (or most) of their opportunities that their own good work brings to be.

Some opportunities are time-sensitive and go lost unless utilized within the window of opportunity. Other prospects are "competitor-sensitive" - the one who notices and uses the opening will reap the majority of benefits available.

And some possibilities are simply ways to shave off a few overhead dollars here and there, directly increasing your profit margin.

These opportunities are born within your business activity constantly. But to get the benefits, they must be FOUND as soon as possible. And it doesn't hurt to have a financial expert give you some pointers on how to best utilize the opportunities your own hard work has created!

Going over your finances thoroughly once a month needn't take much time. It needn't be complicated and it's the accountant's responsibility to make it simple and organized.

But it WILL produce several desirable results.

An expert going through your figures on a continuous basis, bringing you the found opportunities and helping you to figure out how to utilize these... isn't it BOUND to bring some results?

And what about the learning value of this ongoing financial consulting? Don't you think you'd actually learn the effective, practical financial planning for YOUR company more and more by each month that passes?

A good accounting service will GIVE these - and don't you settle for anything less, either!

Be sure to make it absolutely clear that the accountant's responsibility is to monitor or FIND these opportunities but that YOU retain the full control of what gets DONE.

After all, no one knows your business and strong points better than you. And you're the governor, the boss - it's your business.

LOCATING the opportunities within your financial structure is best done by an outside financial expert.

Which ones you choose to utilize and when and how, is totally up to you. We simply help to locate the positive trend and, if asked, offer advice on how to make the best use of the window of opportunity.

But it's your decision and you're always in the driver's seat.

What your accounting service can do for you...

Shouldn't your CPA really act as an aide, standing by your side, backing you up every single working day by providing precisely the right information you need to make the decisions that day-to-day business life calls for?

Wouldn't it be easier to do your own work if you had such backup, receiving all the key information in a compact, easy-to-use form?

Shouldn't the accountant be a strong ally fighting on your behalf at a moment's notice, taking on any challenge and bringing you the solution?

Wouldn't it be faster to run the business this way?

Mightn't it be easier and even more FUN having a trained expert constantly monitor your finances and report immediately when there's a slightest upward trend so that you could take instant action to utilize it right away?

Imagine if obscure accounting terminology was made simple and you could just use the parts you need to push your own goals into fruition faster and easier.

Imagine being able to make in-depth decisions faster and more accurately, finding positive trends and potentials almost instantly to make the most out of them...

Now, isn't that what you have always wanted from your accountant but thought you could never afford it?

Well, I've got good news for you: It isn't at all that expensive. It might even be LESS than what you're paying for your monthly accounts currently!

That, even taking into consideration the fact that the COST of accountant is really calculated NOT only from what the accounting bills you but also how much money he saves you, don't you think?

And, come to think of it, how is financial success actually created?

Isn't it really built from constant alertness and ongoing small adjustments for the better... kept up long enough?

After a few months and years, with results accumulating more or less continuously... well, you do the math!

If you feel such an accounting service would make a world of difference, if you see it as one of those effective ingredients of CONTINUED success... then you already have an idea of what to ask from your CPA service and what it can achieve within a few months.

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