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So the PPP loan is taxable after all?

Yes, and no.

As we’ve previously written, there is no hurry to file for forgiveness of the PPP loan. You have plenty of time, there should be no rush, as we are hoping for legislation that was promised to make the forgiveness application easier.

Besides that, there are tax issues that need to be fixed.

Here’s the BIG unresolved tax issue:

No, the forgiven loan is NOT going to be taxable income – but per prior IRS regulations a taxpayer CANNOT deduct expenses paid with non-income funds.

Therefore, such is virtually the same as the PPP loan being taxable income.


Congress still has not fixed this problem, as they haggle over the next Stimulus.

But will they fix it?

That is unknown. They could fix the application simplification matter, and other non-tax issues, and they could add more stimulus. It is unknown if they will fix this BIG tax issue.

So, as of today, if you gain forgiveness of the PPP loan in 2020, then the expenses paid with that money are not deductible. That is an unexpected increase in taxable income – which equals more tax.

If you do NOT gain PPP loan forgiveness by 12/31/20, then all the expenses you pay with the PPP funds WILL be deductible on your 2020 tax return. Now, that is good for taxes.

But…if you then gain PPP loan forgiveness in 2021, then that forgiven amount becomes income in 2021 – UNLESS Congress fixes this unresolved problem.

Your best action: Postpone your loan forgiveness application to 2021, unless you expect to be in a higher tax bracket for 2021 versus 2020. Write your Congressman/woman.

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