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The $10,000 SBA Grant is Back

The original $10,000 grant for any business in a disaster area is back (less the $1000 per employee you already received if you applied for that back in March/April 2020), if business was down 30% in any 8 week period, and the business is in or serves a low income community.

The SBA is supposed to contact you via email – but the criteria for “low income community” is unclear!

And certainly the SBA cannot contact you if they don’t know who you are.

I’ve learned during COVID that when criteria is unclear, that the intent is to open up the matter for businesses that can present evidence that they are eligible in some way.

If you got less than $10,000 the first go-around or no grant at all, and you think you are eligible because business was down 30% for any 8 week period, and you might qualify under the “low income community” criteria (all 3 are needed to qualify), you should contact the SBA or simply reply to your SBA rep’s email, or contact an adviser for assistance.

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