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Top Ten Labor Mistakes

The California Compliance Catalog for employers from

It states even if you have only one employee you must do the following:

Post a current Employment poster

Distribute current information pamphlets to employees

Have an Illness an Injury Prevention Plan

Have an Emergency Action Plan

Have a fire Prevention plan

Communicate a Hazard management Program

Prevent Repetitive Motion Injury Through Ergonomics

Have a Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Comply with hiring, employment and terminaton Policy

Adhere to termination requirements

It also lists the top 10 things employers do to get sued:

1. Classify all employees as exempt, whether they are or not

2. Don't let employees work through lunch so they can take off early

3. Don't make everyone an Independent Contractor

4. Not providing harassment and discrimination training to managers & supervisors

5. Do not let employees decide their hours or how many they want to work each day

6. Do not Terminate any employee who takes a leave of absence

7. Do not withhold a final paycheck until the employee returns company property

8. Do not provide loans to employees and deduct the money from their paychecks

9. Do not use non-compete agreements & protect information & pricing agreements

10. Do not implement a "use it or lose it" vacation policy to avoid paying the money at termination

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